1 Idea Convert a Shipping Container into a Tiny Home

What was the defining moment when we said “we want to live in a shipping container”? Share our journey as we convert a shipping container into a home

7 Harbor Freight Reciprocating Sawzalls Reviewed

We always want the best value for our money. HF brands are famous for being inexpensive, but Are the Harbor Freight Sawzalls worth it? We have been using our HF Sawzall for a few years now. We’ve reviewed them this is our honest opinion. FAQ about Harbor Freight Sawzalls According to Harbor Freight, they save…

1 Dream Convert a Cargo Container into a Tiny Home

Inspiration is what makes your dreams come alive. You may be wondering why you would dream of living in a shipping container? If you are like me, maybe you dream of not paying rent anymore and having a place to call your own. Or you dream of a getaway cabin in the woods. I want…


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