Shipping Container Houses – The Great Recycling Project

So probably one of the things that called your attention about shipping container houses are the statistics about how many empty shipping containers there are in the world.  It’s mind-blowing to know that every day around the world, products get shipped from one country to the next, but those shipping containers don’t go back to where they originated from.

Some shipping containers get reused for shipments to another place. Logistics companies use containers that are in good condition to transport products on trucks and trains.

Shipping containers are also becoming commonplace as construction site offices or locker rooms, food stands, and the like..

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on

So why do I call this the great recycling project?

  1. Apart from the obvious, we are making a customized, tiny home.
  2. Another reason I call this “the great recycling project” because, with a husband who has been in construction for 35+ years, we have collected odds and ends of building materials over the years.

We will recycle and upcycle as many leftover building materials as we can. Recycling, in this way, may help our budget somewhat.

Where did all these odd bits come from?

With a husband who has been in construction for 35+ years, some were leftover materials from jobs he did.

Other items came from remodeling projects, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” When someone upgrades a bathroom or a kitchen, often those previous fixtures are still in good condition.

A 3rd reason this is a recycling project is one of our containers was previously a residence. However, that container was left abandoned for 10 years; we have to gut it out entirely. But we are determined to save what we can form the demolition process.

Can you tell us about how you plan to recycle and help the environment with your project?


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