The Idea – Convert a Shipping Container into a Tiny Home

You’ve all seen the Pinterest ideas or the Tiny House Nation. They take an ordinary shipping container and convert it into a liveable space—a tiny house.

Sounds simple, right! The TV shows and internet programs, in a half-hour to an hour they take you through the process. And then you think to yourself, “Simple, I can do that too.”

Well, 4 Walls Overnight – We’re more like reality TV meets blogging. Share our journey as we attempt our shipping container conversion.

Why do we do this? What is the point?

  • We want to tell you and show you what really happens to us as we try to make our dream a reality.
  • We will share the products we use, the challenges we face, how much it costs, and how long it really takes.

What was the defining moment when we said “we want to live in a shipping container“?

Thanks to Google Photos, I was able to remember when this idea started to take shape.

In 2016 we were living in one of the smallest apartments we have ever lived in all of our married years. We were fixing up an apartment for our friend while we lived there rent-free.

That tiny apartment was just wider than one shipping container. When I started figuring out how to make our furniture work in that space, we decided with two shipping containers 40 feet long, it’s feasible to make a home that fits our needs.

and THE DREAM was born.

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